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White Bedroom

More rental income with less hassle

LivingRoom helps owners and managers of homes, apartments and vacation rentals to earn more income and attract high-quality tenants by upgrading, marketing and operating your property's rental operations.

What's on Offer

Reduce turnover
and headaches

If you're tired of the stress of

short-term rentals, we can help. LivingRoom guests book stays averaging up to several months, reducing your headaches - making your home feel

less like a hotel.

Earn More
Passive Income

LivingRoom helps you earn more income by turning your standard monthly rental part of our flexible-lease network of homes. We manage all of the booking & servicing operations, while you sit back and collect passive income.

Get High-Quality Tenants

Our properties attract remote-work professionals who pay upfront, are less price-sensitive than most long-term renters. LivingRoom guests have a conscious outlook on life & treasure functional, well-designed living spaces.

Steps to list on LivingRoom


Get in Touch

Share some details about your property with us via our sign-up form, like the location, photos and amenities. Click on the button below to get started.


Get your free assessment

Our assessment includes verification checks and a tour of your space to ensure it meets LivingRoom standards & projects your future earnings.


Start earning

As soon as your space is approved, we open it up for booking. You can sit back and start collecting your earnings with less hassle on your part.

What our partners say

"As a busy professional it was getting hard for me to manage my Airbnb clients, so it's great to have a solution that can take it over for me."

Kosen K., Nairobi

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