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How it works

Everything you need to know on  how to get the most out of your LivingRoom experience.

step 1:
choose your LivingRoom

LivingRooms come in all shapes and sizes, to fit your fancy. Apartments, co-living options, villas, always in attractive buildings and areas. We've personally vetted all of our homes and amenities - just choose the location & vibe you like the most.

More questions? > book a call with us 

We offer a flexible lifestyle letting you stay where you like, when you like.

The longer you stay within the LivingRoom network, the lower your rates. 

Get the best of both worlds - long-term rental rates with short-term rental convenience.

step 2:

step 3:
join the COMMUNITY

Part of what makes LivingRoom great is how staying with us can make your living more social. Your lease gives you immediate access to our online community. Connect with others in your location, enjoy our perks and message our concierge service to get personalized travel tips and advice.

With our flexible lease, you can transfer to another home anywhere in the LivingRoom network - just select your new one and give us a week's notice. You'll get a preferential rate for committing to a longer stay with us, and enjoy the same great move-in and customer service experience.

Step 4:
MOVE freely

(if you want)

  • Do you allow couples?
    We do allow couples to rent with LivingRoom. If you are renting as a couple, please indicate so when booking. Some shared rooms may be unavailable for couples.
  • Do you allow pets?
    Each property listing will indicate whether pets are accepted or not.
  • What if someone in the LivingRoom community makes me feel uncomfortable?
    Call us or send us a message describing what occurred and we'll find a way to make the situation right, including by suspending the offending member's access if needed. Harassment, intimidation, insults, and other negative behavior towards community members is not permitted. We have a zero-tolerance policy for racism, sexism, ageism, religious discrimination and homophobia.
  • Who is LivingRoom for?
    LivingRoom is for everyone! We devised the concept with digital nomads in mind, particularly because of our own personal experiences with remote work in Africa. However, many of the challenges we experienced - poor connectivity, inconsistent quality, lonely hotel rooms - are experienced by many types of travelers, not just digital nomads. We think that anyone who wants to meet people, stay "plugged in", and get good value for money while traveling would benefit from a LivingRoom subscription.
  • How can I find a place that's right for me?
    It's easy! Just filter according to your preferences when searching and we will provide the most relevant places. You can also chat with our sales specialists and they'll be happy to recommend something that suits your preferences.
  • How can I view a property?
    Contact our customer support via WhatsApp with information about the property you wish to view and we will provide more information about scheduling a viewing.
  • Can I view a property virtually?
    We unfortunately are unable to provide more dedicated virtual viewings, but we do attempt to provide ample high-quality photographs in order to help you in your renting decision. However, if you feel that you would like more detail about a particular space feel free to contact our customer support.
  • Will you really let me move to another place if I'm not happy with the first one?
    Yes! We want you to be completely happy with your LivingRoom experience. If we can't make the place you've chosen work for you, we'll
  • How fast is the wi-fi?
    All properties are required to have 10mbps wi-fi minimum. We have 3 tiers of wi-fi: Decent: at least 10mbps Good: at least 20 mbps Lightning Fast: at least 40 mbps
  • Do you have parking?
    If parking is available, it will be noted on the property listing.
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